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A highly textured modular scarf inspired by an elegant family of gastropods. Pattern available for free in the Deep Fall issue of Knitty, and gradients dyed specifically for this project available here.


This elegant elongated heart-shaped shawl features a stitch pattern inspired by traditional Japanese sashiko embroidery. If you’ve done basic brioche before or are feeling adventurous, this project is for you!

Designed for Double Gradients and Mini-Cake Gradients, this pattern includes directions for using whichever yarn you choose to make a truly one-of-a-kind shawl. Read more here.

giant gradient, simple shawl

This deceptively simple heart-shaped shawl is designed in squishy, meditative, don’t-have-to-think-about-it garter stitch. Perfect for new knitters, soothing frazzled nerves, or when you need a project you can pick up and put down easily.

But don’t think for a moment that this shawl isn’t interesting. With speckles and subtle variegations and color changes every few rows, the hand-dyed gradient yarn holds your interest from cast on to bind off. Read more here.

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knitter’s quilt: dancing diamonds

Inspired by patchwork quilting, this cozy diamond-motif blanket makes your scrap yarn shine.

The knitting directions are easy to memorize, almost any yarn weight can be included, and the yarn requirements for each square are so scant that this project will fit in even a sandwich-size bag. There is simply no better on-the-go knitting. If you knit a square every time you find yourself with a few spare minutes, you’ll have a blanket in no time.

Pattern available on Ravelry.

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StashFit Workbook

If you’d like to have a functional and beautiful yarn stash that accurately reflects what you love to knit, this workbook is for you!

StashFit is delivering fantastic results for knitters. See before and after photos on Ravelry, and read more about StashFit here.

cephalopods collection

Who doesn’t need a life-sized, squishy, tentacled companion? Or better yet, a whole family of cephalopod friends?

Opus the Octopus, Opie the Mini-Octopus, and Horatio the Nautilus are available as inclusive kits with speciality eyes, and 100% wool tentacle stuffing. Be sure to check out Inkling the Squid, too!

the artisan spinning wheel

Acadia Wheel & Loom's sleek and modern spinning wheel delivers a supremely smooth spinning experience.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon.