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Gradient Sashiko Brioche Wrap

This fluffy, textured wrap features a stitch pattern inspired by traditional Japanese sashiko embroidery. If you’ve done basic brioche before or you’re new to brioche but feeling adventurous, this project is for you!

View the gorgeous kits available to make this wrap, or check out the pattern on Ravelry.

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StashFit Workbook

If you’d like to have a functional and beautiful yarn stash that accurately reflects what you love to knit, this workbook is for you!

StashFit is delivering fantastic results for knitters. See before and after photos on Ravelry, and read more about StashFit here.

Nishikigoi House Socks

Inspired by Japanese house socks, these whimsical two-color socks feature the friendly faces of koi (known as brocaded carp, or nishikigoi in Japanese) on the toe, and a fish-scale motif on the leg.

Adapted from traditional Turkish sock techniques, these socks are knit from the toe up. With increases across the hinge of the foot and decreases through the ankle, this pattern yields cozy socks with the best possible fit and unique style.

View the kits here.

Fates & Graces

20 new sets of Fates & Graces are now available in the shop! These gorgeous one-of-a-kind gradient cake sets are available as Echo Shawl Kits at a special introductory price of $88 - that’s $20 off the regular price! - for 1100 yds of glorious hand-dyed yarn.

This is the last batch of Fates & Graces I’m dyeing this year, and the last batch ever at this price. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

See the amazing variety of Cakes here!

Echo Shawl

A central motif of concentric bands of five colors radiates outwards and repeats, giving each color a chance to shine twice. Garter stitch ridges separate each color, adding beautiful surface texture and creating a pleasing structure of stripes and angles.

Complete kits available in the blue gradient shown, or pick your own custom combination from the 76 available colors of Helix.

View the kits here.

Love Still Wins!

Let’s put our collective best foot forward!

Adapted from traditional Turkish sock techniques and worked in fifteen contrast colors on a neutral background, these thick and cozy socks are perfect for drafty houses, dorms, and anyone with perpetually chilly feet.

$5 from the sale of every Love Still Wins kit will be donated to Lambda Legal Defense, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to achieve the full recognition of the civil rights of LGBT people, and those living with HIV through impact litigation, education, and public policy work.

View the kits here

Cephalopods Collection

Who doesn’t need a life-sized, squishy, tentacled companion? Or better yet, a whole family of cephalopod friends?

Opus the Octopus, Opie the Mini-Octopus, and Horatio the Nautilus are available as inclusive kits with speciality eyes, and 100% wool tentacle stuffing. Be sure to check out Inkling the Squid, too!

The Artisan Spinning Wheel

Acadia Wheel & Loom's sleek and modern spinning wheel delivers a supremely smooth spinning experience.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon.