Similan Green


Similan Green

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Named for a chain of seven islands off the coast of Thailand, Similan Green reflects the colors of the rich green vegetation and turquoise blue waters found in this unique place.

Available on three bases:

  • Helix - a springy, bouncy 2-ply yarn perfect for knitting shawls, sweaters, accessories, and more. Spun from next-to-the-skin soft Australian Merino wool. Available in 200 y / 67 g skeins for $18, or 650 y / 240 g skeins for $48.

  • Hexa - a lovely 6-ply construction developed for sweaters or any item where you want a bit more durabilty. Spun from the same next-to-the-skin soft Australian Merino wool as Helix. Hexa’s round shape gives beautiful stitch definition, and is especially nice for showing off cables and textured stitches. Available in 600 y / 240 g skeins for $42.

  • Helix Superwash - 80% Superwash Merino wool + 20% nylon. Everything you love about Helix with the extra durability you need for socks or other hard-wearing items. While items made from this yarn will survive a trip through the dryer, please hand-wash and air-dry for best results. Available in 300 y / 100 g skeins for $28.

As with all semi-solid and variegated yarn, we recommend alternating rows and working from two cakes at a time on garments and other large items.

Base & Skein Size:
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