Opie the Mini-Octopus

Opie green.jpg
Opie green.jpg

Opie the Mini-Octopus


Who doesn’t need a pint-sized squishy, tentacled companion? Or better yet, an entire family of octopus friends?

Opie is the smallest member of my cephalopod collection, and a great place to start your creature knitting career. Opie’s best features include his sleepy eyes and wonderfully squishable body. Opie is 15 inches / 38 cm in length, and worked in the round with intarsia tentacles worked flat.

Octopuses (not octopi) are members of the cephalopod family. Opie's knitted cephalopod family includes Opus and Opal the Octopuses, Inkling the Squid, and Horatio the Nautilus.

Opus measures 15 in. / 38 cm in length, and head diameter 4 in. / 10 cm.

Kit includes 250 y of Infinite Twist Helix for Opie's exterior, plus 150 yards of Helix in a contrasting color for the underside of the tentacles and the eyelids. Kit also includes bamboo double-pointed bamboo needles, plastic safety eyes, a yarn needle, markers, and notions, and wool roving for stuffing.

*Opie is for decorative purposes only. This item is not a toy, and the design does not meet any safety standards for toys. The kit and pattern are sold on an “as is” basis, therefore the risk of the quality and performance of the design is with the buyer.

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