scrappy projects

Looking for ways to make the most of the special oddments and scraps in your stash? You’re in the right place!

This pattern collection aims to help you create gorgeous accessories using even the smallest of scraps. If you’d like a custom mini-kit to compliment the yarn you already have, drop me a line at - I’d be happy to put something together for you.

summer square.jpg


With a sweet face, spiraling horns, and delightfully rotund body, Friendsheep transforms novelty and textured yarns into sweet, fleecy little friends. If you’ve been looking for a project to make the most of the Fun Fur languishing at the bottom of your stash, this project is just the ticket.

Fair warning, Friendsheep is so darn cute you won’t want to stop after the first one. Knit an entire flock and swap with your sheep-loving friends!

Pattern available here.

flat 2.jpg

knitter’s quilt: dancing diamonds

Inspired by patchwork quilting, this cozy diamond-motif blanket makes your scrap yarn shine.

The knitting directions are easy to memorize, almost any yarn weight can be included, and the yarn requirements for each square are so scant that this project will fit in even a sandwich-size bag. There is simply no better on-the-go knitting. If you knit a square every time you find yourself with a few spare minutes, you’ll have a blanket in no time.

Pattern available here.

son of a stitch

With a five color gradient and tie-as-you-go fringe, this linen stitch scarf makes a bold color statement with a unique woven look

This pattern can be worked with lengths of yarn under 5 y / 4.6 m, and this pattern includes a tutorial for the clasp-weft join which eliminates the need to weave in any ends at all!

Requires 1000 y / 915 m total of sport-weight or fingering-weight yarn, 200 yds x 5 colors. Yarn is held double throughout.

Pattern available here.

tipping the scales

I love a good play-on-words, and this modular shawl offered up a gem of a pun.

In fashion, “tipping” refers to an article with an end or edging in a different color from the body. Made up of fish scale-inspired motifs with neutral tipping, what else could I call it but “Tipping the Scales”?

This project calls for 200 y / 183 m sport weight yarn for the tipping color; and 25 y / 23 m sport weight for each scale - 1025 y in total.

Pattern available here.

behind the sun

Inspired by the sun’s last rays over water, this sleek and modern elongated crescent shawl is worked from the center out in a combination of stockinette and garter stitch.

This project calls for 50 y / 46 m of Aran or heavy worsted weight yarn in five colors (250 y / 230 m total) in a gradient or mix of coordinating colors, plus one 150 y / 138 m skein in a neutral or contrasting color for MC.

Pattern available here.

log cabin scarf

With long, sweeping lines that intersect in a bold central motif, this unusual scarf’s best feature is the opportunity it provides to play with color and texture - it looks brilliant in solid, semi-solid, textured, and variegated yarns.

Requires 50 y / 46 m x 5 colors of Aran-weight yarn, plus 100 y / 92 m for borders and edging.

Pattern available here.


Featuring the quiet simplicity of garter stitch, this remarkably easy-to-wear heart-shaped shawl is a perfect piece to showcase rich and brilliant colors.

Its angled shape keeps it in place with a minimum of fuss, and it’s just the right size to be cozy without being overly bulky. It’s simple to knit, and works up fast on size 8 / 5.0 mm needles.

Requires 75 y / 70 m of Aran weight yarn in five colors, 375 y / 343 m total.

Pattern available here.