designer’s projects

Since it’s not possible to squish and sniff skeins over the Internet, this gallery of designer projects shows some of the many directions you can take with Infinite Twist yarns. If you’d like advice or a quote for a custom kit, please email me at


Kermis by AnnaMaltz / SweaterSpotter, Hayward by Susan B. Anderson, Hassonite by Corrina Ferguson / PicnicKnits, and Trickle by BostonJen / Down Cellar Studio Podcast.

Hapa by Mel Ski, Lyza by Libby Jonson / TrulyMyrtle, Gradient Angles by Janice Hamby, and Ikaika by Mel Ski.

Paatiki by Francoise Danoy, Banner Day by Megan Williams, Krewe by Lee Meredith / Leethal Knits, and Infinitely by Kelly Forster.

umbra and penumbra

Pop Twizzle by Leslie Ann Robinson, Ikaika II by Mel Ski and Nightingale’s Eye by Cate Carter-Evans