Welcome to the Notebook Project!

This project is designed to put free draft patterns into the hands of knitters of all skill levels in order to learn more about what you like and don't like, and to give knitters a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating a pattern.

The next pattern we're offering for test knitting and review is the China Hands Mittens. Please email info@infinitetwist.com with your feedback, or if you find an error!


To kick off, we're offering 50 free downloads of Log Cabin II by Cate Carter-Evans in Helix. This is a new pattern for a small shawl designed to be worn kerchief-style.

Download the pattern for free and take it for a spin, but don't forget to pop back here and take the survey below to let us know what you thought!

About Log Cabin II

With long, sweeping lines that intersect in a bold central motif, this unusual small shawl’s best feature is the opportunity it provides to play with color.

This unique construction, inspired by quilting, starts with a central triangle worked side to side. You then pick up stitches along the sides of the triangle, and build the shawl outwards in the same way that a quilter adds sequential strips of fabric to make a log cabin quilt block.

Choose a subtle gradient, pops of bright color, or bust your stash – this shawl works well with solids, semi-solid, and variegated yarns – perfect for using up sock yarn leftovers, too!

The Fine Print: Please note that this is a beta pattern. It has not yet been through the tech-editing process, and may contain errors. If you believe you've found an error, please mention the page number when you let us know. Thanks! 

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Log Cabin II Feedback Form
Log Cabin II Feedback Form
I like the colors used on the sample.
I like the color work enough to weave in a lot of ends.
I like that this pattern can help me use up yarn left over from other projects.
I like the yarn weight used on this project (light DK).
I knit a lot of shawls and scarves.
I would knit this design for myself.
I would knit this design as a gift.