Looking for a great beach knitting project? Look no further!

Inkling is a fun and fanciful cephalopod with loads of personality and charm. He looks great as a sofa accent, or keeping a watchful eye on things from a bookshelf.*

Main body length is 24 inches / 60 cm; with feeding tentacles - 30 inches / 76 cm. 
Inkling is worked from the fin to the tentacles in four parts: mantle, head with eight short tentacles, and two long feeding tentacles. The mantle and head sections are both started by working in the round, and are then worked flat. The short tentacles are worked in two-color intarsia, and the long tentacles are worked as i-cord, with the ends worked flat and augmented with contrast-color sucker pads. 

Please note that Inkling is for decorative purposes only and is not a toy. The plastic safety eyes and stitch markers included in this kit are small parts and may pose a choking hazard to small children.