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A highly textured modular scarf inspired by an elegant family of gastropods. Pattern available for free in the Deep Fall issue of Knitty.

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triple gradient, simple shawl

A triple scoop of gorgeous color from Fates & Graces gradients combines with the simplicity of the original Giant Gradient, Simple Shawl design to deliver a striking shawl accessible to knitters of all skill levels.

Currently available Fates & Graces

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giant gradient, simple shawl

This deceptively simple heart-shaped shawl is designed in squishy, meditative, don’t-have-to-think-about-it garter stitch. Perfect for new knitters, soothing frazzled nerves, or when you need a project you can pick up and put down easily.

But don’t think for a moment that this shawl isn’t interesting. With speckles and subtle variegations and color changes every few rows, the hand-dyed gradient yarn holds your interest from cast on to bind off.

Currently Available Giant Gradients

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fates & graces echo shawl

Worked in one-of-a-kind Fates & Graces cake dyed gradients, this shawl’s central motif of concentric bands of five colors radiates outwards and repeats, giving each color a chance to shine twice. Garter stitch ridges separate each color, adding beautiful surface texture and creating a pleasing structure of stripes and angles.

This project requires one set of Fates & Graces (3 x 200 y / 183 m cakes, 600 y / 550 m total) plus 500 y / 460 m of Helix for the borders. You’ll also need three 3.75 mm x 80 cm circular needles and a set of 3.75 mm DPNs (U.S. size 5).

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fates & graces bias scarf

Named for mythic sisters in Greek Mythology, Fates and Graces are three-packs of cake-dyed gradients. They are sisters (from the same dye lot), but not triplets. Variegated, speckled, or semi-solid, each stripe brings something new to your needles.

Perfect for new knitters, travel or social knitting, or anyone who wants to sit back and let the yarn do the work, this simple bias construction showcases this yarn to the fullest, letting the unique fingerprint of each cake shine.