project of the week, and new on the needles format!

"On The Needles" has moved to the Infinite Twist Group on Ravelry! This is a good thing because:

  1. You can easily share your projects by linking within Ravelry,
  2. I can see what you're up to and get new ideas for kits and yarn,
  3. You can win prizes!

Speaking of prizes, there’s a Vesper-approved sweater sack up for grabs! Post what you’ve got on the needles between now and May 31st, and you could win a fully-lined sweater sack in the winner’s choice of Japanese fabric made by yours truly.

Without further ado, the project of the week is:


Akamai by MSkiKnits!

I’m knitting this in recycled sari silk I picked up at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, held double with a strand of Infinite Twist Penumbra.

Verdict: Love the pattern, love the knitted fabric, hate the inelasticity of the silk! My elbow hurts just thinking about it. I can only do about six rows at a time without aggravating my knitter’s elbow (somehow, calling it “tennis elbow” just seems inaccurate).

In short, this is more of a product knit, and less of a process knit. The good news is I really love the washed swatch, and I think this will be a delightful and wearable sweater. I'm also excited about using up stash yarn, especially one that reminds me of confetti!

I would love to see what you're working on this week, so please drop by the Ravelry group


shawl together: carolina fiber girls' shawl-tastic special edition podcast!

Hey there!

As part of the Fall Shawl Together, Janis and Ann recorded a special podcast edition at the Carolina Fiber Frolic.

Janis and Ann are joined by a fun and friendly group of knitters (and crocheters, too!) to answer the question, "What is your favorite shawl and why?"

The answers are fun and varied, ranging from Boneyard to Color Affection, and complicated lace to simple garter stitch constructions.

Be sure to check out this episode - you might find your new favorite shawl pattern!