Everything Nice

It's been awfully cold around here for the last few days. I've had the heat on constantly, and the air inside is super dry as a result. So dry, in fact, that the static electricity situation prohibits wearing skirts or anything with drape and  my poor cat was getting zapped by static while being petted. There's a quick and easy trick to add moisture (and a great scent) to your indoor environment - boil some spices.  My favorite way to do this is on top of a wood stove in a big enamel pot, but alas, I live in the city now, and a hot plate works just fine too.

Just fill any heat-safe container you happen to have with water, and add your favorite spices. I use cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and cardamom. Orange peel or mulling spices work great, too. Add water as needed, and enjoy!

Pomegranates and Coats

The 6.5 yards of coat fabric finally came off the loom! It's been felted, ironed, and passed to a tailor for sewing. I just didn't want to risk trying to sew it myself. It's shown here drying and providing a lovely backdrop to the weekend's other big project - breaking down 14 pomegranates to make pomegranate jelly. The color is not the usual deep, deep red because I used white pomegranates this year. They seem to be sweeter than the "Wonderful" varietal I've used in the past, or they may have just been more ripe.

Here's an inside view of one of the poms. The outside peel is yellow with a pink blush. The ones I used were quite beat-up on the outside, but they worked out just fine.

14 pomegranates yielded 3 pints of jelly. It's a lot of work for a small yield, but totally worth it.