We Three Things

doorbell Happy Monday! As a way to jump-start the week, I'm going to be posting three things I'd like to complete this week as part of the We Three Things project. You can read my friend Bec's post about We Three Things on her blog, Shanghai Experiment.

This week's list:

1. Make fruitcake 2. Make mango chutney 3. Figure out accommodations for upcoming Portland trip

I'll also be posting pictures of projects from the week before. Last week's list included: 1. Refurbish suncatcher and make doorbell (bonus points). 2. Assemble dressers and install closet bar 3. Take a break and watch The Colony.

All three things got done!


The most photogenic project was working on the suncatcher. This little beauty was a birthday present seven years ago, made by the very talented Nancy Davis. It had gotten a little bit beat up and tarnished over time, so I soaked it in vinegar to brighten up the copper, and added some new strings of beads, keys, and bells.

I also did a quick macrame project with a bunch of brass bells I found in Yunnan province, plus some other random bells from my stash.

front door gardenThe front of the house is looking more fun, and I love having the sound of bells alert me to the presence of visitors.

Feel free to join We Three Things - post your things below, or post a link to your blog!