On the Needles: Indigo Quilt

Indigo Charm Squares by Cate Carter-Evans Infinite Twist Indigo is magical stuff.

It even has its own smell - William Gibson described it "a faint jungle pong." It's an herbal smell, unique and almost wooly.

I live in the right place to indulge in a love affair with indigo.

I've collected a little bit here and there on travels, and ended up with a fair bit. High time to put the stash to good use.

Indigo Charm Squares by Cate Carter-Evans Infinite Twist

The fabrics are a smogasbord of textile techniques, including cool examples of block printing, stencil printing, batik, and a use of hand-stitching to create areas of resist (kind of like shibori perhaps?).

I'm combining them with a really bright Chinese red cotton I picked up on a recent trip to Portland.

My plan is to piece a big double happiness for the quilt back, something like this block.

double happiness

I'm looking forward to snuggling up with this beauty as the weather cools off.


Vesper seems to like the new quilt already. The alternate explanation is that she's telling me I'm doing it wrong.

Lucky (least social of cats) has established a new territory in my office, and he's been keeping me company at the computer.

He's camera-shy, so it was fun to get a close-up of his face. Lucky

What have you been working on this week?