On the Needles: Garter Stitch

Bias knit garter stitch scarf in Noro Kureyon by Cate Carter-Evans There's this funny thing that happens to many, many newbie knitters. As soon as their first project is finished (usually a garter stitch scarf), they want a new technique.

Garter stitch is suddenly old news. Too basic. Definitely uncool.

It's for, you know, babies.

While diving into new techniques is exhilarating, there's a sweet simplicity to garter stitch that's too often overlooked.

Garter stitch is a simple pleasure. It's a great way to play with stripes or variegated yarn. It's also a balanced knit structure - no ends or edges rolling up, ever. It's stretchy and delightfully dense.

Infinite Twist Knitting Kit

The September samples I'm knitting this week all just happen to be in garter stitch (how'd that happen?), plus I found an old favorite garter scarf in the archives while uploading completed projects of yesteryear to Ravelry (You can find me there with RavID infinitetwist).

As soon as the samples are done, I'll be releasing the kits - one is a Beginner's Kit for a simple scarf in variegated hand-spun yarn, and a sweet little triangular scarf (no name yet) design in a mill-spun yarn. I hope you like them!

Knitting WIP by Cate Carter-Evans