On the needles and in the dyepot this week

sawtooth Today, I give you a sneak peek of a new project coming for September. I did the first proto in KPPM and Fyberspates Scrumptious, and am now sampling in my own hand-dyed yarns. More colorways and images of this sweet little piece coming soon - I can't wait!

I'm taking it a little slow this week since last week saw a flurry of knitting in preparation for Sunday's photoshoot. I was still weaving in ends on a sample when awesome photographer Josh arrived, but everything that needed to be done got done.

This week, I've been taking it a bit easy on the knitting front in the interest of not pissing off my right elbow any more than is absolutely necessary. Too much knitting = injury - it's just that simple.


Do the finger stretches, find needles that work for you, and for heaven's sake, stop when it starts hurting. Being benched from knitting is a sad state of affairs. Ahem. I think that's the end of my PSA for the day.

In other studio news, I've been preparing lots of kits.

Rufus has been taking his role as Quality Assurance Inspector very seriously. He's decided that the best spot to nap is on the work-table between the swift and the ball winder.

yarn basket

Zuo spun up a bunch of blue yarns this week in Halo Shine, and some special sequin yarns going in the soon-to-be-released Paintbox kits. These kits contain both hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns plus highly textured and tactile novelty yarns from Turkey.

granite kits

The last big push for the week has been the Beginner's Kit. This is the Granite colorway - love, love, love how the colors turned out.

This will be a scarf kit in hand-dyed super bulky hand-spun which knits up fast, forgives funny inconsistencies in tension, and knits up into a yummy soft scarf.

I'm planning to put together a resource page for newbie knitters to go along with the scarf pattern.

What are your favorite knitting resources?