Monday Three Things

fruitcake 1 My score for last week's W3T is 2/3. I did make fruitcake and arrange my vacation, but mango chutney did not happen.

Instead, due to various scheduling nonsense, I did a photo shoot on Sunday for my fall line, which I'm calling a win.

photoshootIt as well above 100 degrees, so we scrubbed the plan for a lovely atmospheric outdoor shoot and shot everything inside. Models passing out from heatstroke is not anybody's idea of a fun time.

Vesper was very helpful with the photo shoot. Even with so many people to manage, and so many hand-knits to sit on, she managed to keep it together.

fruitcake 2

But on to the really important stuff - the fruitcake! I'm shamelessly proud of my fruitcake. The secret is soaking the dried fruit in bourbon for 48 hours before baking, and using lots of candied citrus. I like to use dried figs, cherries, apricots, and prunes - so it's like healthy and stuff. Ahem.

This time, I used sliced almonds instead of whole ones, and the result was really nice - more of a marzipan cake texture, and better crumb structure.

In case you're looking to put on five pounds, I'm happy to recommend slathering cream cheese on a slice of warm fruitcake for breakfast. Oh yeah.

This week's list includes: 1. Get that pesky chutney made! 2. Make a skirt or dress or something from Indian polka dot cotton (souvenir from Delhi trip). 3. Hang yellow quilt in my sewing space.

What's on your list this week?