weekly three things: week of 11/26

sewing room.jpg

Last Week's things:

1. Make yogurt

Result: Win! Confession: I finished this project about 20 minutes ago.

2. Finish Robin

Result: Win! I'm so happy with how this project turned out. Lee has graciously allowed me to make kits for Robin with hand-spun yarns, so you'll be seeing more of this pattern in the future.

3. Organize sewing room.

Result: Win - mostly! The furniture is all in the right places, but.... there are too many things to fit properly. I'm going to need to go through all the fabrics and notions and see what I can de-stash. 

This Week's things:

1. Prep and measure out yarn for Prairie Ridge Shawl.

2. Thread 25% of rug warp.

3. Card half of Lincoln fleece.


What are your three things this week? 

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