Shanghai Dogs

Since it's usually all about the cats around here, some parity is in order. 

This guy's photo should be next to the definition of patience in the dictionary.

I watched him put up with a lot of ear nibbling from the puppy, and he was profoundly stoic about the huge table full of meat right above him. MMmmmm...... room temperature liver - delicious!

This fashion-forward pup (note the dog-head-shaped buttons on the back of his suspenders, adn yes, that is a hoodie) can often be spotted hanging out with his human, who sells socks and underwear in the lane.

Lastly, just what your underground bunker or inter-volcano lair has been crying out for! 

A furry cow-hide sofa with stylized dogs as the armrests! If that wasn't enough, both arm-rests come with choke chains in case your sofa attempts to maul a henchman you actually like. All that's missing are laser eyes.

What have you seen around your neighborhood this week?