we three things: week of october 14th

We Three Things (#W3T) is a group exercise intended to promote creativity and happiness. Each week, participants pick three projects to work on and then share the results. Feel free to post a link to your 3 things in the comments!


spool rack.jpg

Last week's things:

1. Sew borders and backing for indigo quilt. 

Result: Failure! Didn't get to this at all. 

2. Start work on warp for rya rug. 

Result: Win! I wound warp yarn onto all my spools. 

3. Create specs for workroom table and shelf. 

Result: Win! I measured everything and sent it off to the furniture maker. I can't wait to have a fully-functioning work table. 


This week's things: 

1. Carryover from last week -  Sew borders and backing for indigo quilt. 

2. Make apple mincemeat. 

3. Warp one section for rya rug.


What are your 3 things this week?