What makes the Acadia Artisan spinning wheel unique?

  • Based on input from spinners, The Artisan Wheel is designed with features that matter to spinners:
  • Easily and quickly change bobbins and whorls,
  • Adjust the orifice height to your preferred spinning height,
  • Choose from two flywheel weights,
  • No regular oiling required  - no mess, and no oily gunk getting on your yarn!


Performance is built in to the Artisan Wheel with precision components and modern materials including nylon whorls, sealed ball bearings, and high-tolerance machining of steel wheel and bobbin shafts.
The Artisan's whorls and brake drums are precision-machined from nylon. Nylon whorls stay round, and unlike wooden whorls, do not change shape with seasonal changes in humidity and temperature.
Steel shafts are machined to very high tolerance to eliminate vibration, resulting in a supremely smooth spinning experience.


The Artisan Wheel's design represents an effort to unify the three elements that constitute a spinning wheel: flywheel, base, and support structure. In the Acadia wheel, these elements relate to each other and the complete wheel yielding a visually arresting cohesive design.
The shape of the flywheel and its curved spokes are inspired by historic cast iron flywheels used on industrial machinery. The curved spokes not only look beautiful, but add a softer start when the wheel begins to turn.


The Artisan Wheel's construction is unique among spinning wheels currently on the market. Engineered wood, stainless steel, nylon, and composite materials all add to wheel performance and design interest.
The main wheel material is laminated Baltic birch is the main material, and small parts are made from U.S.-grown New England hard maple.

We use laminated Baltic Birch because it conserves trees, and American maple because it is sourced from well-managed forests. Use of these materials creates a greener spinning wheel with uncompromising performance.
We believe that the materials we use, they way we construct our product, and our attention to design deliver a superior spinning wheel. We hope you'll give the Artisan Spinning Wheel a test-drive and see for yourself!