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Founded in Shanghai in 2011 and now based in Singapore, Infinite Twist produces unique what-you-see-is-what-you-get knitting kits and more than 72 colors of hand-dyed semi-solid yarn on four custom-milled yarn bases.

infinite twist kits

No creative person wants to waste their most precious resource - their time - on an unsuccessful project.

Infinite Twist takes the guess work out of yarn and color selection by providing what-you-see-is-what-you-get knitting kits featuring visually striking hand-dyed colors.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced knitter, our kits make your life easier and save you money. Say goodbye to hunting for the right sized needle only to find it's occupied by another project, or having to buy an entire skein to get a tiny amount of a necessary accent color. We even offer free shipping worldwide on all orders above $30.

Overwhelmed or uninspired by stash yarn? Kits can help by providing yarn and pattern pairings that have been tested and proven to work well together. 

Our kits make great gifts, and are also perfectly suited for travel knitting. Since everything you need is in included, you never have to worry about getting stuck on a long flight or car trip without the right needle or notion you need to move on with your project.

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the wheel

Stop-and-stare gorgeous with its curved spokes and modern design, The Acadia Artisan Spinning Wheel by Acadia Wheel & Loom delivers a supremely smooth spinning experience.

Individually numbered and hand-built in Maine.


free patterns

We offer a free knitting pattern each month to our newsletter subscribers - that's $60 in free patterns each year! 

Patterns range from easy-breezy to complex colorwork and beyond. We strive to be accessible to beginning knitters, and offer experienced knitters an adventure in color and texture. 

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where we started 

about our hand-spun yarn

China is currently experiencing the largest rural-to-urban migration in human history. Millions of people are leaving the countryside to find a better life for themselves and their children in the cities.

Unfortunately, finding a better life isn't easy. China provides its citizens with basic healthcare and free primary education as long as they remain in their home town. As soon as you leave the place you were born, you lose your safety net. For literally millions of people, the opportunity to land a good job in the city outweighs the risk.

But a new slough of challenges awaits in the city. Discrimination, illiteracy, and a lack of formal education make it difficult for rural women to find work. Unable to send their children to school during the day, the dream of a better life remains unrealized.

Fortunately, organizations are stepping in to fill the gap. Infinite Twist's spinners were hired through the Xintu Migrant Women's Association. Xintu provides free schooling and heath care services to migrant women, as well as providing job training and assistance. 

Xintu has helped Infinite Twist find and hire migrant women who learned to spin in their home provinces. We provide training and mentoring to help our spinners learn to make great yarn, and we're proud to provide work-from-home jobs that pay a living wage.   

Visit our yarns page to learn more about Infinite Twist's Hand-spun Yarn.

Zuo Main.jpg

Spinner Profile:  Zuo

Zuo grew up in Anhui province, one of the poorest in China.

With a 7th grade education, she moved to Shanghai with her husband and young sons in search of a better life for their family, good schools, and jobs. She worked as a restaurant dishwasher, and her husband worked as a driver.

In her home village, her mom and the other village women were all makers – they could all spin knit, sew, and do embroidery. Zuo continues this tradition with her spinning and knitting.

Zuo has worked for Infinite Twist for two years. 

Zuo says she loves her job because she can work from home. She saves gas money for her motorcycle, doesn’t have to commute, and gets to spend more time with her family.


About Cate Carter-Evans, Proprietress of Infinite Twist

Cate Carter-Evans is an American dyer, knitter, weaver, spinner, and seamstress. After more than seven years living in Shanghai, China, Cate relocated to Singapore in 2016.

Cate dyes yarn and fiber, writes knitting patterns, weaves on her great-grandmother's antique floor loom, and spins on a wheel made by her Dad. She loves gardening, canning, preserving, and fermenting, and will put kimchi on almost anything. She shares her projects on Infinite Twist's blog. 

All her activities are over-seen by two unimpressed Shanghainese street cats and a three-legged dog. 

Cate Carter-Evans