Welcome! I'm Cate Carter-Evans, Proprietress of Infinite Twist.

Whether you’re itching to cast on a new project, want to optimize your knitting life, or are looking for inspiration for yarn you already have, I’m here to help.

Looking for gorgeous hand-dyed yarn?

You are in the right place! From gradients and semi-solids to ready-to-knit kits, I’d love to show you my yarn. I dye everything you see in the shop, prepare every kit with care, and I’m always happy to talk about custom orders.

Is your knitting life weighed down by big BUTs?

That yarn makes my heart sing BUT I’m totally overwhelmed by my stash.” The StashFit Workbook will help you get in touch with the kinds of knitting you love best, optimize your stash, and get the most out of your knitting time.

I’d love to knit that pattern BUT I have too many WIPs.” Whip your WIPs into shape with the WipFit Workbook. No yarn diets, no harsh prescriptions - just ten targeted exercises to bring harmony to your projects. Most knitters can get it done in one day!

Need a pattern to make the most of the yarn you already have?

I have 48 patterns available for instant download via Ravelry, and 14 of them are free!

If you’d prefer to to browse by collection, check out my collection of scrappy patterns here, or view brioche patterns for knitters with all levels of brioche experience, or have a look at my collection of gradient patterns and kits. I add new patterns every month, and newsletter subscribers get 50% off all new patterns. Won’t you join us?

my approach

Most knitters don’t need more yarn.

Shocking, right? Or potentially hypocritical coming from someone who is (at least in part) in the business of selling yarn?

I don’t get out of bed in the morning to pile more purpose-less yarn onto anybody’s existing stash. It’s bad for your knitting, it’s bad for the environment, and more yarn stuffed in a closet only meets the needs of moth larvae.

What knitters need is the right yarn and the right pattern and the right supplies at the right time. This is why I create kits.

why kits?

What you see is what you get. Color selection is really hard for many knitters, and using a kit eliminates the guess work of "does this green go with that blue?" My kits fearlessly combine up to 33 colors, and you can see how the colors go together before you decide to knit the project.

Solid results, every time. No creative person wants to waste their most precious resource - their time - on an unsuccessful project. The yarn and pattern pairings in my kits have been put through their paces by me and by a crack team of brilliant test knitters. If we don't love it, I don't sell it.

Save yourself from Stash Paralysis. Overwhelmed or uninspired by stash yarn? My kits can help you get your knitting mojo back by providing everything you need (and nothing you don't) in a handy package with a clear purpose. 

Have what you need, when you need it. With needles and stitch markers and yarn needles right in the box, you can say goodbye to hunting for the right sized needle only to find it's the wrong length or occupied by another project.

Save money and hassle. By including just the yarn and notions you need, kits offer a better value that buying skeins and needles and notions piecemeal. What's more, you don't end up with random odds and ends of skeins clogging your stash. Even better, I offer free shipping on everything worldwide. 

Want to dive in? View all my kits in the shop

There's a lot of gorgeous yarn out there. Why should you buy a kit from me?

My colors. I have 99th percentile color perception (that ranking is not from an online test - I took a real test in a real light box in a professional color lab), and I have 24 years of experience dyeing yarn and fiber. I've put those two things together to create a range of 76 repeatable, visually striking semi-solid colors, plus a wide range of semi-repeatable gradients to keep things interesting. My dye recipes include up to twelve colors. The resulting yarn gives your finished objects a gorgeous heathered look, and keeps your knitting interesting.

My bases. As a hand-spinner, I understand yarn construction, fiber, and how the two interact. My wool bases are custom-spun to my specifications from gorgeous Australian Merino wool. While you can technically knit just about anything from any yarn, you get great results when you knit sweaters from a purpose-built sweater yarn and socks from a great sock yarn. You can read more about Helix, Helix SuperWash, and Hexa on my Yarns page.


where we started

Founded in Shanghai in 2011 and now based in Singapore, Infinite Twist started as a producer of hand-spun yarns and a platform for the Acadia Artisan Spinning Wheel by Acadia Wheel & Loom (made by Cate's Dad).


the wheel

Stop-and-stare gorgeous with its curved spokes and modern design, The Acadia Artisan Spinning Wheel by Acadia Wheel & Loom delivers a supremely smooth spinning experience.

Individually numbered and hand-built in Oregon.





about the hand-spinning program

For more than five years, Infinite Twist was able to hire migrant women to create beautiful hand-spun yarns. We provided training and mentoring to help our spinners learn to make great yarn for knitting, and were proud to provide work-from-home jobs that paid a living wage. Over time, the spinners in the program moved on to other work (which is exactly what you want a jobs program to do), and we relocated to Singapore.

We're honored to have been able to work with our migrant spinners, and proud to have been a small part of their journeys to better lives.

About Cate Carter-Evans, Proprietress of Infinite Twist

Cate Carter-Evans is an American dyer, knitter, weaver, spinner, and seamstress. After more than seven years living in Shanghai, China, Cate relocated to Singapore in 2016.

Cate dyes yarn and fiber, writes knitting patterns, weaves on her great-grandmother's antique floor loom, and spins on a wheel made by her Dad. She loves gardening, canning, preserving, and fermenting, and will put kimchi on almost anything. She shares her projects on Infinite Twist's blog. 

All her activities are over-seen by two unimpressed Shanghainese street cats and a three-legged dog.